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August 14, 1861 Sam and Orion register at the Ormsby House and within a few days relocate to Margaret Murphy's fourteen bed boarding house in Carson City.  After too many setbacks in mining, Sam finds work as a newspaper reporter.

  • Wed Aug 14, 1861

    Upon arriving in Carson City the brothers found lodging at the local hotel, the Ormsby House.  They soon moved to Margaret Murphy's fourteen bed boarding house.

  • Sun Sep 01, 1861

    Soon after his arrival in Carson, Sam went to investigate the Esmeralda mining region and Mono Lake

  • Tue Sep 10, 1861

    Sam left Aurora

  • Thu Sep 12, 1861

    Sam arrived back in Carson City

  • Sat Sep 14, 1861

    During September and October of 1861 Sam visited Lake Tahoe with the aim of securing a timber claim.  During his first visit he was responsible form setting a forest fire.

  • Wed Sep 18, 1861
  • Sun Sep 22, 1861

    September 22–28 Saturday – This is the date range the MTP offers for possible second trip to Lake

  • Tue Oct 01, 1861

    The legislative session opened at Carson City.

  • Wed Dec 11, 1861

    Sam heads to Unionville in Humboldt County and the Buena Vista mining District.  

  • Mon Dec 16, 1861

    On the fifth day out, the party of Clemens-Clagett-Oliver-Tillou, two horses, dogs Curney & Tom came to Ragtown, the last settlement on the Carson River. Beyond: the 40-mile Desert.