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Washoe and San Francisco.  Tuolumne County and back to San Francisco.  Tired of reporter duties Mark Twain becomes a traveling correspondent in the Sandwich Islands.

  • Tue Sep 16, 1862

    September 16 Tuesday  Sam’s article, “ANOTHER INNOCENT MAN KILLED,” appeared in the Territorial EnterpriseSince the shooting was on Sunday and the paper did not print on Mondays, Marleau thinks this Tuesday was “likely the first day Samuel L. Clemens reported for the Territorial Enterprise” [“Some Early” 12].

  • Sat Jan 31, 1863

    Sam was in Carson City to send news back to the Territorial Enterprise

  • Tue Feb 03, 1863

    The article “Letter from Carson City,” signed, “Yours, dreamily, Mark Twain”
    ran in the Enterprise. This is the first article so signed. In this piece Sam pokes fun at his rival,
    Clement T. Rice, the “Unreliable” [MTL 1: 246].

  • Mon Feb 16, 1863

    They let me go, about the first of the month, to stay twenty-four hours in Carson, and I staid a week. Perhaps they haven’t much confidence in me now. If they have, I am proud to say it is misplaced. I am very well satisfied here. They pay me six dollars a day, and I make 50 per cent. profit by only doing three dollars’ worth of work.

    This date may be in error as it is also reported he departed Carson City on the 22nd.

  • Fri May 01, 1863

    Sam and Clement Rice (“The Unreliable”) arrived in San Francisco by stagecoach, by way of Henness Pass [Sanborn 195]. 

  • Thu Jul 02, 1863

    Sam arrived back in Virginia City

  • Tue Aug 11, 1863

    August 11 Tuesday – According to an article in the Virginia City Bulletin, Sam and Adair Wilson left in the morning for Lake Bigler (Tahoe):

  • Mon Aug 17, 1863

    August 17 Monday – Sam left Lake Bigler and went to Steamboat Springs, a mineral bath about nine
    miles northwest of Virginia City.

  • Sun Aug 23, 1863

    August 23 Sunday – Sam, still not over his cold, returned to Virginia City from Steamboat

  • Sat Sep 05, 1863

    September 5 Saturday – With the return of Dan De Quille, Sam was freed from his duties as the local editor for the Enterprise. He left the same day for San Francisco on the Carpenter & Hoog stage, to Carson City, where he stayed a day with Orion and Mollie [MTL 1: 265; ET&S 1: 291-5].