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Twain lectures on the Sandwich Islands in California and Nevada.  He then crosses the peninsula and lectures in the midwest and New York. Shortly after, Sam embarks on the journey that will give him international notoriety, the Quaker City Excursion.

  • Arrive San Francisco
    Mon Aug 13, 1866

    Arrived in San Francisco on 13 August. His Sandwich Islands trip, including the voyages there and back, lasted a little more than five months

  • Mark Twain's First Lecture
    Tue Oct 02, 1866

    October 2 Tuesday – Sam’s first stage appearance took place at the Academy of Music on Pine Street in San Francisco, a new hall owned by Tom Maguire,

  • The Sandwich Island Tour Begins
    Thu Oct 11, 1866

    I launched out as a lecturer, now, with great boldness. I had the field all to myself, for public lectures were almost an unknown commodity in the Pacific market. They are not so rare, now, I suppose. I took an old personal friend along to play agent for me, and for two or three weeks we roamed through Nevada and California and had a very cheerful time of it. 

  • Steamships from San Francisco to Marysville
    Mon Oct 15, 1866

    Steamship from San Francisco to Sacramento then to Marysville.  Lectures at Maguires theater.

  • Grass Valley Lecture
    Sat Oct 20, 1866

    October 20 Saturday– Sam and McCarthy traveled by stage through gold boomtowns, Timbuctoo, Smartsville and Rough and Ready. Sam gave the lecture “Sandwich Islands” in Hamilton Hall, Grass Valley, California.

  • Nevada City Lecture
    Tue Oct 23, 1866

    October 23 Tuesday – Sam gave the lecture “Sandwich Islands,” in the Nevada Theatre, Nevada City, California a short distance from Grass Valley. Sam stayed at the National Exchange Hotel.

  • Meadow Lake City
    Fri Oct 26, 1866
    October 26 Friday – Sam and McCarthy stopped to see Meadow Lake City, also known as Summit City, Ca., the highest of the gold mining districts at 7,100 feet and the place where Orion Clemens had briefly tried a legal office. They arrived at 9 PM [Schmidt: article from S.F. Bulletin, ran Dec. 6].
  • Virginia City
    Sat Oct 27, 1866
    October 27 Saturday – Sam and McCarthy arrived back at Virginia City about ten p.m.
  • Virginia City Lecture
    Wed Oct 31, 1866

    October 31 Wednesday – Sam gave one performance in Virginia City—the “Sandwich Islands” lecture at Maguire’s Opera House.