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4/11/1878 - 9/3/1879

  • New York to Europe
    Thu Apr 11, 1878

    11 April 1878 Holsatia sails from New York

  • Hamburg
    Thu Apr 25, 1878

    April 25, 1878: Thursday – The Clemens family arrived at Hamburg and took rooms at the Crown Prince Hotel

  • Hamburg to Heidelberg
    Wed May 01, 1878

    The journey from Hamburg to Heidelberg (May 1-6) as "...fooling along, 4 hours per day by rail, with a courier, spending the other 20 in hotels whose enormous bedchambers & private parlors are an overpowering marvel to me."

  • Travel to Baden-Baden
    Tue Jul 23, 1878

    The Clemens party left Heidelberg on 23 July 1878 and proceeded to Baden-Baden, where they would meet Joe Twichell on 1 August.

  • A short excursion to the Altes Schloss
    Fri Aug 02, 1878

    Friday, August 2, 1878: Sam and Joe took a short excursion (6 miles) to the popular Altes Schloss (Favorita Schloss)

  • A Short Excursion to Gernsbach
    Sun Aug 04, 1878

    Sunday, August 4, 1878: Sam and Joe took another one-day excursion from Baden Baden to Ebersteinburg to Nuehaus to Gernsbach, where they drank beer.

  • Baden-Baden to Allerheiligen
    Mon Aug 05, 1878

    Monday, August 5,1878 – Sam and Joe left Baden-Baden, by rail to Achern, for a week-long tramp.  We took a post carriage from Achern to Otterhöfen for 7 marks—stopped at the “Pflug” to drink beer.

  • From Allerheiligen to Heidelberg
    Tue Aug 06, 1878

    Tuesday, August 6, 1878 – Clemens and Twichell walked from Allerheiligen to Oppenau, Germany, ten miles [MTNJ 2: 47, 129]. They then took a train from Oppenau to Heidelberg “through clouds of dust” 

  • From Heidelberg to Heilbronn
    Thu Aug 08, 1878

    Thursday, August 8, 1878 – Joe and Sam took the train up the river valley to Wimpfen.  They started out on foot, then took a peasant’s cart seven more miles to Heilbronn.

  • A Trip Down the Neckar River
    Fri Aug 09, 1878

    Friday, August 9, 1878 – Twichell and Sam took a boat from Heilbronn for a trip down the Neckar River, stopping for beer and chicken at Jagtfeldt, then continuing toward Hirschhorn in a new and smaller boat