Joliet & Northern Indiana Railroad was incorporated in Indiana and Illinois on Aug. 23, 1854. This consolidated incorporation across state lines was made possible by recent laws passed in both state legislators (PlankRoad4). So the games played by the Michigan Central and Michigan Southern & Northern Indiana to gain access to Chicago were no longer needed (CrossingWar). The incorporation included the assets of the Joliet and Northern Indiana Rail Road, which was incorporated on Jan. 9, 1854. Actually, most of the millage (43.849 of 45.179) was built by the "Rail Road" rather than the "Railroad," but since the abbreviation J&NI works for both, I'm going with the popular name. (Wikipeda) The line was leased to Michigan Central before it was completed and service commenced July, 1855. It was built by Joliet businessmen so that they could get a connection to the east without having to deal with the Rock Island or the I&M Canal. (TrainOrders) The J&NI was known as the Joliet Cutoff because it removed 30 miles from the trip between Michigan and Joliet and points West (Rock Island) and Southwest (e.g. Chicago and Alton). The railroad created the towns of Spencer and Frankfort. (PlankRoad5) (But I can't find Spencer in Google Map.)

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