Dayton and Michigan Railroad

The Dayton and Michigan Railroad Company  is located entirely within the State of Ohio and extends from Third Street, Dayton, northerly to Toledo, a distance of 139.966 miles, with 13.988 miles of second main track. This property forms a part of a through route from Cincinnati to Toledo.

The property of the Dayton and Michigan was operated by the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad Company, and its successor, The Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railway Company, from the date of its completion in 1859 to July 2, 1914; by the receivers of the latter from July 3, 1914, to July 18, 1917, and by the Baltimore and Ohio from that date to December 31, 1917. Since January 1, 1918, it has been operated by the United States Railroad Administration as part of the Baltimore and Ohio system.

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