Submitted by scott on Wed, 12/29/2021 - 19:29

From Boston to Hartford there appear to be two distinct routes possible, but there are significant discrepancies between the 1870 kml routes and the USGS mapped routes.  The southern route starts with a leg from Boston to Providence, Rhode Island on the Boston and Providence Railroad.  Both sets of data support this line.  From Providence, the 1870 kml files name the railroad as the Hartford, Providence and Fishkill, the USGS maps refer to the line as the New York and New England Providence Division.  This follows as the HP&F reorganized in 1873 as the NY&NE.  A problem occurs with the mapped routes at West Warwick.  The 1870 kml lines show a nearly straight line west to Danielson and then to Hartford.  The USGS mapped route follows a more southerly line and finally joins the main NY&NE at Windham.  The NY&NE then runs to Hartford.

The nothern route begins with the Norfolk County Railroad, a predecessor of the NY&NE.  The 1870 kml route ends at North Grosvenor Dale where it meets the Norwich and Worcester.  The rider is required to change trains to the N&W and then to Danielson and the probably erroneous HP&F to Hartford.  The USGS maps refer to this route as the New York and New England that goes to Putnam and then to Windham where it joins with the Providence Division line. and then to Hartford.

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