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The University of Nebraska files has the leg from Hudson to Akron as Cleveland, Zanesville and Cincinnati.  Most of the route is marked as Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

The Cleveland, Zanesville and Cincinnati Railroad Company; The Akron Branch of Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad Company

This company was originally incorporated, in Ohio, as the Akron Branch of the Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad Company. The change of corporate name was made on March 17, 1853.  It owned on December 23, 1864, the date of sale of its property under foreclosure, about 61.5 miles of single-track, standard-gauge, steam railroad, extending from Hudson to Millersburg, Ohio. Construction of the road from Hudson to Akron, 12.9 miles, was completed in 1852, and of the road from Akron to Millersburg, 48.6 miles, in 1854. From the date it was placed in operation, in 1852, to August 27, 1861, the property was operated by the company's own organization. From August 27, 1861, to date of demise, the property was operated by a receiver.

The company had no accounting records for the period from November 1, 1864, to the date of its demise. The closing entries in its books were made under date of January 1, 1865, and recorded the results of transactions during the period prior to November 1, 1864.

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