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August 11-14 Friday – At Highfield House on Portsmouth Road in Guildford, England, sometime during these three days, Clara Clemens wrote for her father to Andrew Chatto.

My Father has asked me to write his notes for him this morning as he is unable to use his right hand owing to a cut in the left, his leg was also injured trying to walk to the village the other day, & his hair is falling out fast. These he considers causes enough to be shoving all his affairs onto the shoulders of another.

The letter ended that the family would be “very glad indeed” to see Chatto on Monday (probably Aug. 17). Note: the tone and whimsy of the letter suggests a dictation by Sam. MTP lists this letter as Aug. 7-14 week in Guildford, but as of Aug. 10 in his letter to Pond, Sam was still in Southampton, so the possible dates are here reduced.

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