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The Neue Schloss on a hill to the N. of the town founded in 1479 enlarged in 1519 and dismantled in 1689 was afterwards partially restored.
It is now a summer-residence of the Grand Duke and is comfortably fitted up containing some good modern pictures carving family-portraits etc. The curious subterranean vaults with stone and iron doors were probably once used as dungeons. 

Bædeker The Rhine from Rotterdam to Constance (1873) Route 34 page 196

in The Rhine from Rotterdam to Constance (1878) He goes into greater detail of the sites history - Route 44 page 277

The New Palace on the Florentinerberg in Baden-Baden was from the late 15th to the late 17th century seat of the Margrave of Baden and from 1535 the Margrave of Baden-Baden . It has been repeatedly rebuilt and expanded as a castle from the late Middle Ages . Today, the listed building is owned by Kuwaiti investors, who are currently converting the castle into a luxury hotel.


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