Baden to Forbach direct. 12 M., Forbach to Schönmünzach; Schönmünzach to the summit of the Hornisgrinde; down to the Mummelsee, Seebach, Ottenhofen, and thence over the hill to Allerheiligen.

Friday, August 2, 1878: Sam and Joe took a short excursion (6 miles) to the popular Altes Schloss (Favorita Schloss), a conspicuous ruin on the summit of a hill outside town. Sam’s notebook holds an entry paraphrasing a guide book, that:
“...no tourist should fail to climb the mountain & enjoy the view. Hired boy to climb the Mt & examine (or enjoy?) the view. He felt well repaid for all his trouble.”
Later in the day they walked back through the woods to Baden Baden.

Sunday, August 4, 1878: Sam and Joe took another one-day excursion from Baden Baden to Ebersteinburg to Nuehaus to Gernsbach, where they drank beer. The pair returned to Baden Baden in the evening. (DBD)

Monday, August 5,1878 – Sam and Joe left by Baden-Baden rail to Achern, for a week-long tramp. Sam wrote at 8:30 PM from Allerheiligen, Germany to Livy in Heidelberg. Sam wrote of almost being left at Baden Baden that morning, having waited on the wrong side of the train tracks. After having their day “mapped out” by a schoolmaster named Scheiding, the rest of the day was full:

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