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The Clemens family moved into their home in Hartford, CT September 19 of 1874.  It served as their official residence until Sam took his family to Europe in March of 1878, not to return until September 3, 1879, when they arrived in New York City.  They returned to the Hartford residence October 24, 1879.

During this first period of residency, Sam did not sit still but made several trips, primarily to New York City and Boston.  The family took summer vacations away from Hartford:  1875, Newport, Rhode Island; 1876 & 1877 at Quarry Farm.

November 1 to 3, 1874 Sunday – On this day or the day before, Sam went to New York and took rooms at the New York Hotel.

November 12 to 16, 1874  - "Walking" Trip to Boston with  Twichell

December 15, 1874 – Sam traveled to Boston to attend the dinner at the Parker House

December 22 or 23 – Sam went to New York for the 100th performance of the Gilded Age play. He registered at the Hoffman HouseLivy was probably along on the trip. Also in New York, and staying at the Windsor Hotel, were Olivia Lewis Langdon, and Theodore and Susan Crane. Twain returned to Hartford December 24.

April 13, 1875 Tuesday – Sam and Joe Twichell went to Brooklyn to stay at the home of Dean Sage.  Returned to Hartford on the 15th.

New York City on the 16th. and Cambridge April 17, 1875, returned home April 20th.

Sam was possibly in Elmira May 25, 1875

July 31 to September 8, 1875:  Summering in Newport, RI

October 11, 1875, Sam and Livy left the children with nursemaids and went to “Waldemere,” P.T. Barnum’s estate in Bridgeport, Conn..  They stayed one night, then they went to New York returning to Hartford on the 16th.

October 29, 1875, Sam and Livy went to Cambridge to visit with the Howells and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, then to New York City  to breakfast with Lord Houghton at the Brevoort House, returning to Hartford November 2nd of 3rd.

March 22, 1876,  Sam gave the “Roughing It in the Silver Regions” lecture in the Yale University Law School lecture room.

Mark Twain lectured at the Chickering Hall in New York March 28,  29 and 31, and at the Academy of Music in Brooklyn on the 30th of March 1876.

May 7, 1876:  Sam travels to Boston.  Returns home on the 10th.

June 15, 1876:  Depart Hartford for a summer at Quarry FarmThey departed Quarry Farm September 5, registered at the St. James Hotel in New York City and arrived back in Hartford September 11, 1876. Sam hired a sleeping car for the ten hour journey from New York City to Hartford.  Sam, apparently, took a quick trip back to New York City but returned to Hartford by the 14th.

November 13, 1876Academy of Music in Brooklyn, New York

November 14, 1876:   Academy of Music, Philadelphia

November 21, 1876:  Sam gave a reading at the Music Hall in Boston

November 22, 1876:  Sam gave a reading at the Academy of Music in Chelsea, Mass

November 24 , 1876: Sam gave a reading in Providence, R. I

December 1 or 2, 1876:  New York City.  Back in Hartford by the 5th.

December 21, 1876:  New York City until the 24th.

February 6, 1877:  Sam gave a reading of sketches at Steinway Hall, New York.

February 27March 9 , 1877 – Sometime between these dates, probably closer to Mar. 9, Sam traveled to Boston and stayed with the Howellses and also at the Parker House [MTLE 2: 36].

April 23, 1877:  Sam goes to New York.

April 24, 1877:  Baltimore, Guy's Hotel. Returned to Hartford May 1st.

Second Trip to Bermuda   May 20 to 24, 1877

June 6, 1877:  Clemens family departs Hartford for New York then Elmira, to spend the summer at Quarry Farm.  The family returns to the Hartford House September 4th.

December 17, 1877:  Sam gave his infamous dinner speech at John Greenleaf Whittier’s birthday dinner, Hotel Brunswick, Boston, Mass.

January 12, 1878:  Fears reports Sam as being in Elmira,

January 26, 1878:  Sam gave a speech at the Geselischaft Harmonic in New York City.

February 25, 1878:  Sam gave a speech at the New York Press Club

March 12 to 15, 1878:  Sam spent two days in New York

March 29, 1878:  Ten hour train ride to Elmira

Between March 29 and April 4, 1878:  Fredonia and Buffalo.

They took rooms at Bateman's Point, which Dan De Quille described as a "sort of half-hotel half farm house..."  There does not seem to be place, today, known as Bateman's Point although there is a Batemen Avenue.

Second Trip: Sunday, May 20 to Thursday, May 24, 1877
This visit to the islands was the subject of a piece published in 1877, “Some Rambling Notes on an Idle Excursion”, written for the Atlantic magazine, Oct. to Jan. 1878

Clemens family stayed first with the Langdons, until June 29, in Elmira, before adjourning to Quarry Farm.  Sam would immediately depart for the Congress of Authors Centennial Event in Philadelphia on  July 1st.

Sometime before July 6, Sam traveled to Hartford and returned to Elmira by the 18th.

July 13 or 14, 1877:   Sam traveled to New York [MTLE 2: 94].  He returned to Elmira August 3rd.

August 7, 1877:  The Clemens family possibly went to Ithaca, New York for a two-day visit to Hjalmar H. Boyesen and family. They were back in Elmira by Aug. 11.

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