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Twain's final years

"11 January 1906: note for 267.27," in Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1. 2010 

267.27  the New Hampshire hills] Clemens spent the summer of 1906 at Upton Farm, near Dublin, New Hampshire, dictating his autobiography.

November 29, 1905 Tuesday – On or about this day Sam moved into his new home at 21 Fifth Avenue in N.Y.C. and daughter Jean arrived as well.

May 5, 1905  Friday – Sam left NYC with H.H. Rogers on the yacht Kanawha for Fairhaven, Mass. [Lyon’s journal #2 TS 17; Lyon’s journal May 7]. Note: Due to learning of Clara’s impending appendectomy, Sam may have stayed in NYC. Lyon wrote that he was in Fairhaven. If he did not go with Rogers, it is then evident that Lyon did not know this. 

Third Trip to Bermuda 1907 January 4 - 7

Fourth Trip to Bermuda: Saturday, March 16 to Tuesday, March 19, 1907

Meantime, [I have been invited by Oxford University to receive an honorary degree on the 26th of June, and shall sail on that quest on the 8th]. I have made no effort to conceal the fact that I am vain of this distinction.

Fifth Trip to Bermuda: 1908 January 25 – February 3

Sixth Trip to Bermuda: Monday February 24 to Saturday April 11, 1909

Seventh Trip: November 22 to Saturday December 18, 1909
“I haven’t been well for the past 5 months, & so I haven’t stirred from home,” Clemens wrote Dorothy Quick on November 18, “but now I’ve got to make a trip, by the doctor’s orders. I don’t want to. But I must obey, I suppose. I sail for Bermuda day after tomorrow, with my secretary Mr. Paine for company. Perhaps we shall be back by the middle of December.”

Eighth Trip: Friday January 7 to Tuesday April 12, 1910

The Bermudian sailed on Wednesday. After the ship anchored at Hamilton on Friday, January 7, Clemens began the first of ninety-five days on the Islands, his longest stay. He wore a black mourning band on his left arm, and when he wrote Loomis that day from Bay House he used stationery bordered in black. “I have just arrived,” he said, “& am very much pleased with the weather.”

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