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Sam Clemens


Mark Twain Day by Day
An Annotated Chronology
Of the Life of Samuel L. Clemens
Volume One (1835-1885)

Second Edition

David H. Fears
© 2008, 2014 David H Fears
All rights reserved.

Printed in the United States of America on acid-free paper
Second Edition, volume one
First Printing 2013
ISBN # 0-9714868-2-4
ISBN13 : 978-0-9714868-2-9
Library of Congress Control Number: 2007927972

Published by Horizon Micro Publishing, LLC
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Horizon Micro Publishers, LLC
P.O. Box 266
Banks, OR 97106;

Thanks to my wife, Kimberley for her love and support. Special thanks to Thomas A. Tenney for his continual support, anecdotes, and advice, to whom this 2nd edition volume is dedicated.

Dates: I have followed the conventions used by the University of California Press on the volumes of Mark Twain’s Letters, except I have added the day of the week. To wit:

October 5 Thursday – Sources indicate this is a confirmed date, or a deduced date from events or other evidence. Firm dates come before conjectured or circa dates and date ranges.

October 3? Tuesday – The question mark indicates a conjecture of October 3. Conjecture dates are listed separately.

Volume 1 is too massive for a single web site book, so Part 1 end with Sam Clemens becoming a reporter for the Territorial Enterprise.  See Mark Twain Day By Day: 1862-1866 for the chronology of Sam's days as Reporter Mark Twain.