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The Clemens party, including Livy, Susy, Clara, Clara Spaulding and Rosina Hay, the nursemaid, sailed for Hamburg on the S.S. Holsatia on 11 April 1878. They arrived in Hamburg 25 April 1878.

At Sea, Apr. 20, 8 PM:
It has been all kinds of a voyage—calm, [smoothe] seas, then rough seas, then middling—& so on. On the 17th we had heavy seas, then easy ones, then rough again; then brilliant sunshine, then black skies, with thick driving storms of rain, hail, sleet & snow—sunshine again, followed by more snow, hail, rain & sleet—& so on, all day long; we sighted an ice-berg in the morning & a water-spout in the afternoon. To-day a lurch of the ship threw a passenger against an iron railing & they think he has a rib broken.

SLC to Olivia Lewis Langdon, 20 Apr 1878, SS Holsatia (UCCL 01556).

It is a marvel that never loses its surprise by repetition, this aiming a ship at a mark 3000 miles away & hitting the bull's eye in a fog -- as we did. When the fog fell on us the Capt. said we ought to be at such & such a spot (it had been 18 hours since an observation was had) with the Scilly islands bearing so-&-so & about so many miles away. Hove the lead & got 48 fathoms -- looked on the chart & sure enough this depth of water showed that we were right where Capt. said we were.

April 24 Wednesday – The Holsatia stopped at Cherbourg and/or Le Havre, France. The American-Hamburg line went through Havre and normally took twelve days from New York to Havre, then an additional day from Havre to Hamburg, a deep-water port in Germany. However, Sam’s notebook mentions passengers getting off at Cherbourg [MTNJ 2: 69].

April 25 Thursday – The Clemens family arrived at Hamburg and took rooms at the Crown Prince Hotel [MTLE 1: vii; MTNJ 2: 46, 71].

At 2 PM on a dismal day with frequent downpours, William Dean Howells saw the Clemens family off from New York, bound for Europe on the steamship Holsatia commanded by Captain C.L.Brandt. The Times article also mentioned Dan Slote was in the send-off party. It was a two-week voyage. Susy, six, and Clara, going on four, were accompanied by their German nursemaid, Rosa Hay. Also along was George, who would handle baggage and valet duties. Clara Spaulding, who went with the family five years before was also in the group, which occupied two staterooms.

From Notebooks and Journals Vol II (pp 59-61):
Hotel de l'Europe on the Alster Basin -- or Hotel de Russe
Altona 5m from Hamburg
Alt Markt (old houses)
The Bourse (biggest in Europe)
Zoological Garden. Dine there in Pavilion
Lubec -- 1 1/2 hour from Hamburg
Copenhagen is 12 hours from Lubec by steamer
Then back by rail, Xing Great Belt by water-ferry.