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September 19, 1874:  The family occupied the second floor of the three-story home; the main floor was not yet complete. It would be the happiest and longest stay of their residences. Powers gives Sept. 21 as the possession date of the new house [360]. Willis also gives this date [92]. See Willis [92-6] for a good description of the details of the house at 351 Farmington Avenue, Hartford. According to Andrews, within three years Sam had purchased $21,000 worth of furniture in the house which cost $70,000 on five acres of land worth $31,000 [82].

The family resided here until March of 1878 when they tramped through Europe.  The family returned to the  United States in September of 1879 and took up residence in Hartford again in October of 1879.

September 3, 1879 – After spending one night in New York, the Clemens family took the train for the ten-hour trip to Elmira.  They took a hotel car.

September 10, 1879:  Sam and Livy traveled to Fredonia and Buffalo, returning to Elmira by the 15th.

September 23, 1879:  The family moved from the Langdon home to Quarry Farm.

October 10, 1879:  The family possibly returned to Elmira.

October 21, 1879:  The family departs Elmira and Quarry Farm, spend time in New York and take up residence again in Hartford by  the 24th.

November 8, 1879:  Sam travels to Chicago to address the Army of the Tennessee Reunion Banquet, Palmer House, Chicago, Illinois.  He takes a room at the Palmer House and returns to Hartford on the 17th.

December 2nd and 3rd, 1879:  In Boston for birthday of Oliver Wendell Holmes

January 8, 1880:  Sam and Livy travel to Elmira. They were back in Hartford by February 4.

April 12 or 13, 1880:  The Clemens family travels to Boston, returning to Hartford April 20.

June 15, 1880:  The Clemens family departs Hartford for their Elmira and Quarry Farm summer, via New York.  They would return by October 1.

Elmira and Quarry Farm, Summer of 1880

September 27, 1880:  The Clemens family departed Elmira and started home to Hartford.  They were in New York, possibly until the 29th or 30th.  They were back home by October 1st.

October 14, 1880:  Sam took a train to Boston and got a room at the Brunswick Hotel [MTLE 5: 173].  Sam and Edward House escorted General Ulysses S. Grant from Boston to Hartford on the 15th.

October 21, 1880:   Sam and Livy made a quick shopping trip to New York, probably spending one night there and leaving Oct.22.

November 6, 1880:  Sam went to Boston and gave another political speech at the Middlesex Club. He stayed overnight at the Howellses [MTLE 5: 194]. 

December 20, 1880:   Sam traveled with Twichell to New York City, arriving in the evening. Returned to Hartford the next day.

February 1518, 1881:  Sometime between these dates, Sam and Livy spent a “couple of days” in New York City, but were back in Hartford by Feb. 19.

February 23, 1881:  Sam traveled to Boston [MTHL 1: 350360n3]. He had returned by the 25th.

February 28, 1881:  Sam and Joe Twichell went to West Point and returned March 2nd.

June 4, 1881:  The Clemens family left Hartford for the summer.  First stop, the Montowese House, Branford, CT.

Summer at Branford, CT, Elmira and Quarry Farm - 1881

September 22 or 23, 1881:  The family returns to Hartford from the summer retreat in Elmira.

October 22, 1881:  Sam went to New Haven, CT and spoke at the Saturday Morning Club.

November 3, 1881:  Sam traveled to Boston,  it is not known what day he returned to Hartford, some time between November 4th and 6th.

November 25, 1881:  Departed Hartford for Boston.  Departed Boston on the 26th for Montreal, Canada.

December 2, 1881:  Began a three day excursion to Quebec.  Back in Montreal on the 6th.

December 9, 1881:  Sam returned to Hartford.

December 21, 1881:  Sam travels to Philadelphia., returning on the 23rd.

February 14, 1882:  Sam and Livy possibly traveled to New York, returning home on the 19th.

March 9, 1882:   Sam took a train to New Yorkwhere he met HowellsThe two men checked into the Hotel Brunswick.  Sam returned to Hartford March 11th.

March 28, 1882:  Sam went to New York City and was interviewed at the Hotel Brunswick. Sam was home by at least April 2nd.

April 14, 1882:  Sam traveled to Boston to meet Howells and Aldrich at Osgood’s, returning to Hartford on the 16th.

Mark Twain Returns to the Mississippi

June 1215, 1882:  Sometime during this period, Sam and Livy traveled to Boston for a quick visit with the Howells and their close neighbors, the Fairchilds.

July 13, 1882:  Clemens family depart Hartford for New York and Elmira for the summer. Departing Elmira September the 28th and back in Hartford by the 30th.

Elmira, Summer of 1882

November 4, 1882:  Sam was reportedly in Boston to speak at the Papyrus Club.

December 21, 1882:  Sam travels to New York. Returning to Hartford on the 23rd or 24th.

January 12, 1883:  Sam was in Boston, dates of travel unknown.

March 1, 1883:  Sam traveled to New York City, returning to Hartford on the 7th or 8th.

March 19, 1883:  Sam and Livy took a morning train for New York for business and shopping. They returned to Hartford on the 22nd.

May 8, 1883:  Sam was in Boston, en route to Montreal, Canada. He was back in Hartford by the 17th.

May 20, 1883:  Sam and James R. Osgood traveled from Hartford to New York City to watch Collender’s great billiard tournament at Tammany Hall.  On the 22nd Sam left for Montreal, Canada, departing there for Hartford on the 29th.

June 14, 1883:  The Clemens family departed Hartford for their summer in Elmira, via New York.  They had returned to Hartford by September 17th.

Elmira, Summer of 1883

October 16, 1883:  Sam and Joe Twichell went to New Britain.

November 1617, 1883:  Sam, Livy and William Dean Howells went to Boston.  Sam and Livy were back in Hartford on the 18th.

December 17, 1883:   Sam took a train for Boston, home by the 19th.

February 5, 1884:  Sam went to New York, back home the next day.

February 15, 1884:  Sam and George W. Cable travel to New York City.  Sam is home again on the 17th. and then back to New York City for the night.

February 19th or 20th, 1884:  Sam and Susie went to Brooklyn with Twichell.  On the 22nd, they moved to New York City.  Sam was back in Hartford by the 25th.

April 10, 1884:  Sam was in New York City.

April 16th or 17th, 1884:  San and Livy go to Boston. They are home on the 20th.

April 28, 1884:  Sam goes to New York City.

June 17, 1884:  Clemens family departs Hartford for their summer in Elmira.  They spent the night in New York City.  On the 18th they left New York by way of the Christopher Street Ferry to Hoboken, New Jersey, where they took a special car on the Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad for the ten-hour trip to Elmira.

Elmira, Summer of 1884

September 28, 1884:  The Clemens family arrived back in Hartford either this day or the day before. 

November 3, 1884: Sam may have gone to New Haven but was home again the same day.

November 5, 1884 to February 28, 1885 – Mark Twain and George Washington Cable went on a grand tour, frequently mislabeled as the ”Twins of Genius” tour.  Sam remained in Washington D.C. after the tour until March 3rd when he traveled to New York City.

Twain-Cable Tour

March  3, 1885:  New York City.

March 5, 1885:  Sam was at home in Hartford.

March 14, 1885:  New York City & Hartford.

March 20, 1885:  Sam went to New York City for the weekend and stayed at the Everett House. Sam and Cable gave a reading in Steinway Hall, N.Y.  on the 21st.

March 23, 1885: Sam and Livy went to Boston for a short visit with the Howellses. Home on the 26th.

March 31, 1885: Sam spoke at the Tile Club Dinner for Laurence Hutton in New York City

April 8, 1885:  Sam went to New York on his way to Philadelphia.  He's back in Hartford via New York on the 10th.

April 28, 1885: Sam, Livy, and thirteen-year-old Susy Clemens went to New York for a four-day outing, which included a reading up at Vassar in Poughkeepsie on May 1. Sam conferred with Webster and General Grant and gave a reading on Apr. 29

May 1, 1885: Sam spoke at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York,  returning home the next day.

May 18, 1885:  Sam probably went to New York City

May 20, 1885:  Sam went to Albany, New York

May 25, 1885:  Sam was in New York and spent time chatting with General Grant.

June 8, 1885:  Sam took the early morning train to New York and took a room at the Everett House.  Back home on the 11th.

June 17, 1885:  The Clemens family left Hartford bound for New York and Elmira.

Elmira, Summer of 1885

September 18, 1885:  Home from New York City and their summer in Elmira.

September 20, 1885:  Sam and Twichell walked to Talcott’s Tower,

October 6, 1885:  Sam left Hartford in the morning and traveled to Pittsfield, Mass.  He was back on on the 8th.

October 16, 1885:  Sam may have gone to New York and home again on the 18th.

October 26, 1885:  Sam returned to New York with Livy.

November 15, 1885:  Sam left for New York City, leaving the family at home, with Mrs. Langdon as a house guest. Sam stayed at the Normandie Hotel.   "I am taking the train for New York—for a business-sojourn there until the Christmas holidays…a note addressed to me at the Hotel Normandie will find me, & I will answer in person—almost surely: (the slight uncertainty is based upon the fact that New York is only headquarters for a month—my business is scattered, from Washington to Boston, & betwixt & between."

November 19, 1885:  Washington DC, then back to New York.

November 26, 1885:  Sam returns to Hartford for Thanksgiving.

December 1, 1885:  Note: [MTNJ 3:198n51] has Sam in Baltimore to see Ross Winans about the Paige typesetter, but several letters by Sam from New York City and no other reference to a Baltimore trip would suggest Sam either stopped there on his recent Washington, D.C trip to see President Cleveland, or Winans was in New York on Dec. 1.  There may  be problems with this as DBD has Sam back in Hartford on December 2nd. and New York on the 3rd.

December 5, 1885:  Boston

December 7, 1885:  Hartford.

December 10-13?, 1885:  Sam wrote from the Normandie Hotel in New York City,

December 14, 1885:  Hartford

December 21, 1885: New York probably home by Christmas.

January 18, 1886:  Sam went to New York, where he spoke at the Typothetae Dinner at Delmonico’s

January 26, 1886:  In New York, headed to Washington the next day,  Back home by February 1st.

March 23, 1886:  New York, back home by the 27th.

April 3, 1886: Sam and Joe Twichell traveled to New York City and on to West Point.  They were possibly home on the 4th.

April 16, 1886:  Sam, Livy and “a couple of friends,” went to New York City for the weekend 

April 22, 1886:  New York, returning home sometime between the 23rd and May 1st.

May 5, 1886:  Answering a promise to return in May, Sam and Twichell once again went to West Point Military Academy by way of New York City.  Home by May 7th.

May 9, 1886:  Boston

May 25, 1886:  Possible trip to New York

Elmira, Summer of 1886

Elmira, Summer of 1887

Elmira, Summer of 1888

Elmira, Summer of 1889

Onteora Park Club, Summer of 1890


July 9, 1880:  Approximate date Sam moved to Quarry Farm from Elmira, as per letter to Twichell dated July 19.

July 26, 1880: Jean is born  at Quarry Farm

June 7, 1881:  Sam returns to Hartford.

June 8, 1881:  Sam gave a speech at the Army of the Potomac Banquet, Allyn House, Hartford:

June 9, 1881:  Sam went with a party by train to West Point for graduation festivities.  He returns to Hartford June 11th.

June 13, 1881:  Sam and Livy traveled to Hartford and met George W. Cable

AFTER twenty-one years' absence, I felt a very strong desire to see the river again, and the steamboats, and such of the boys as might be left; so I resolved to go out there. I enlisted a poet for company, and a stenographer to 'take him down,' and started westward about the middle of April.

July 13, 1882:  Family departs Hartford, spending the night in New York, then boarding a spcial car for the trip to Elmira on the 14th.

September 21, 1882:  Sam traveled to Hartford, returning to Elmira the next day.

September 28, 1882:  The family departed Elmira for New York then to Hartford on the 29th.

June 14, 1883:  Clemens family travels from Hartford to New York.

June 15, 1883:  The Clemens family left New York City and traveled by special sleeping car to Elmira

June 22, 1883:  Sam traveled to New York City. Unknown how long he stayed...

September 13, 1883:  The Clemens family departs Elmira and traveled to new York, on their way home to Hartford.

June 17, 1884:  The Clemens family’s annual trek to Elmira and Quarry Farm began. They left Hartford and traveled to New York City, where they spent the night.

September 23, 1884:  The Clemens family (without Sam) left Quarry Farm for New York City. They stayed at the Brunswick Hotel. Sam stayed behind a day and then went to Philadelphia incognito.

George Washington Cable and Samuel L. Clemens first met in 1881. It appeared that he stood at the threshold of a brilliant career. (pg3 Cardwell). Cable had just caught the attention of the public with his two fresh, promising volumes [from 1879 and 1880]. Although his thinking on questions of race and caste had taken a liberal bias in the 1860's he was not yet marked as a forthright, vocal advocate of civil rights for the Negro and had not yet been widely attacked by southerners for the nonconformist views which were to make him notorious and obnoxious among them. (pg2 Cardwell).

June 19, 1885:  The Clemens family took a special car from New York to Elmira,

June 27, 1885:  In the morning, the Clemens family left Mrs. Langdon’s home for Quarry Farm.

June 29, 1885:  Sam left Quarry Farm at 6 AM. Traveling all day to Mt. McGregor, New York, in the Adirondacks, and arriving at 8.40

June 15, 1886:   The Clemens family and governess Rosa Hay (a party of six) left Hartford for Elmira and spent the night at the [Sam to Orion June 2] Gedney House at 40th Street and Broadway in New York 

June 21, 1886:  The Clemens family and governess Rosa Hay left Elmira and traveled by rail to Rochester.  They had returned to Elmira by July 10th.

July 30, 1886:  New York

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