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Sam’s  father traveled to Tennessee hoping to collect old debts and raise money  on the infamous Tennessee Land, some 75,000 acres, which  became a millstone to the family; the land was ultimately sold in the 1880s for  not much more than John Marshall paid for it. John took a slave, Charlie, to sell, but did not get what he expected. In fact the trip was a total failure, costing Sam’s father  about $200 [Powers, Dangerous 124-5]. Together, John Marshall and son Orion had a remarkable string of business failures.  Sam would come to nearly support his older brother, mixing a sense of duty with  exasperation.

Day By Day Acknowledgment

Mark Twain Day By Day was originally a print reference, meticulously created by David Fears, who has generously made this work available, via the Center for Mark Twain Studies, as a digital edition.