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It is assumed here that the caravan's route and the train route of 35 years later follow the same path closely, determined by topography. Bædeker notes  stops on  the rail line at: 4 1/2 M. El-Hadeth [Hadat], 5 1/2M. Ba'abdâ [Baabda], 7 1/2 M. Jemhûr [Jamhour], 10 1/2 M. 'Âreiyâ [Aariya], 13 M. Âleih [Aley], 17 M. Behamdûn [Bhamdoun], 19 1/2 M. 'Ain Sôfar [Rwaysat Saoufar]  To the left is the green ravine of the Wâdi Hammâna. Vegetation gradually ceases and we enter a bleak region.  The line pierces the tunnels of Mudêrij [Mdeyrei] (300 yds.) and Baidar (Khân Murâd; 390 yds.) [Dahr Al Baidar], reaching its highest level (4880 ft.) in Lebanon in the latter.

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