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The Clemenses residence from October 5, 1896 to July 8, 1897

1. 23 Tedworth Square, Chelsea, London SW3

Were it not for a blue plaque saying so, Mark Twain isn't the first person you'd pick as a former resident of this genteel Chelsea pad. But the famous US writer did stay here in 1896-7, where he wrote Following the Equator and, as legend would have it, uttered his famous 'reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated'. House prices have done funny things since then, so expect to pay top dollar for the six-floor, five-bedroom house. There's no private garden, but there is a roof terrace and you get a key to the residents' garden opposite. The guide price has been lowered by £300,000.


51° 29' 13" N , 0° 9' 45" W
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