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On a rocky eminence 2 M. to the N.E. of the Alte Schloss, and above the village of Ebersteinburg, are the ruins of *Alt-Eberstein {^Ebersteinburg 1601 ft.), which, like the Yburg (p. 197), was once a Roman watch-tower.

A Rhenish tradition relates that the Emp. Otho I. being unable to take the castle by force, induced the count to leave it by inviting him to a tournament at Speyer, treacherously intending to attack the stronghold in his absence. The count, being informed of this by the emperor's daughter during the dance, hastened back to his castle, and prevented its capture by his timely return. The tradition very properly ends with the marriage of the valiant count and the princess.

A beautiful prospect similar to that from the old castle, is embracing the richly cultivated lower Murgthal obtained hence with its flourishing villages. The tower has been restored, and is easily ascended (restaurant adjoining).

48° 47' 2" N , 8° 16' 13" E
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