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Gemmi Pass is a high mountain pass across the Bernese Alps connecting Leukerbad (on the south) in the canton of Valais with Kandersteg (on the north) in the canton of Bern. The pass itself lies within the canton of Valais, at a height of 2,270 metres above sea level.[2] The main trail reaches 2,322 metres.

The pass lies between the Daubenhorn (2942 m.) in the west and the Rinderhorn (3448 m.) in the east.

The pass is at the west end of the Aar Massif and at the east end of the Wildstrubel Massif. Near the pass is the Daubensee, which has no outlet above ground.

The pass is mentioned in the Sherlock Holmes story The Final Problem. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson cross the pass on their way to Meiringen, where Sherlock Holmes has his famous meeting with Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls.


After 1/2 hr. the path skirts the shallow and muddy Daubensee (7238 ) , a lake 1 M. in length , fed by the waters of the Lämmeren Glacier (see below ) , with no visible outlet , and generally frozen for seven months in the year . The well-constructed path leads on the E. bank of the lake, at some height above it, to (10 min . ) the summit of the pass, called the Daube (7553'), or Gemmi , at the base of the Daubenhorn (9449 ′) , the barren limestone - rocks of which rise abruptly to the right. A magnificent * View of part of the Rhone Valley and the Alps of the Valais is obtained from a slight eminence a few min. from the pass, to the left of the path . The lofty group of mountains to the extreme left are the Mischabelhörner; more to the right rises the huge Weisshorn, then the Bruneckhorn , the pyramid of the Matterhorn, and still more to the right the Dent Blanche . At a giddy depth below lie the Baths of Leuk , and beyond them Inden (p. 154). On the W. the moraines of the Lämmeren Glacier extend nearly to the pass ; above the glacier rises a glistening snow-peak, and near it the huge, rocky Wildstrubel (p . 156) . Abundant flora.

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