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England to Home Again – Sketches No. 1 Flop – Orion the Chicken-Rancher
Colonel Sellers Stars on Broadway – Clara “Bay” Clemens Born – Elmira Summer - Dream House Built – Fredonia Visit – Hike to Boston with Twichell
“Old Times on the Mississippi” – Atlantic Monthly Breakthrough - Typewriter for Genius – Reformed Lecturer

1874 – Chatto & Windus published The Choice Humorous Works of Mark Twain, an authorized version with some corrections by Sam [Camfield, bibliog.]. A version of Sam’s “Jim Wolfe and the Cats” ran in Tom Hood’s Comic Annual for 1874 [Gribben 707].



Day By Day Acknowledgment

Mark Twain Day By Day was originally a print reference, meticulously created by David Fears, who has generously made this work available, via the Center for Mark Twain Studies, as a digital edition.