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Buffalo, New York and Erie Railroad  Original Main Line  Erie Main Line at Corning  to Buffalo 41.6 miles (66.9 km)

Leased 1863 -  Created during the Erie's bankruptcy in 1858. Took over the Buffalo and New York City from Attica to Buffalo in 1859. Acquired the Buffalo, Corning and New York Railroad the same year and connected the two lines.

Leased the Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad in 1858.[19]

Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad BNY&E at Avon to Rochester 98.5 miles (158.5 km)

Completed 1853; leased to Buffalo, NY, and then Erie in 1858.


There is no article in Wikipedia specific to the Buffalo, New York and Erie but it does mention dates fro 1851 to 1896 as part of the Erie Railroad.

See Erie War for a synopsis of classic railroad fraud and the bankruptcy of the Erie Railroad.

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