• Alhambra, MT

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    Alhambra was a resort town situated South of Helena and relied on the heavy traffic during the golden days of mining in the area. Alhambra and Sunnyside Hot Springs were the two hotels in the town, together composing a medical and recreational resort that flourished in the 1860s until the 1950s. Alhambra Hot Springs consists of four main springs and a number of hot water seeps located along Warm Springs Creek. The water temperature averages 138 degrees F. and is slightly radioactive.

  • Belknap, MT

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    This is the agency headquarters for the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation. The Gros Ventre and the Assiniboine, who were former enemies, have lived together on the reservation since it was set aside for them in 1887. It has great cultural significance to the tribes, and petroglyphs and tipi rings can be found there. Every summer the Milk River Indian Days powwow is held in Fort Belknap.

    Fort Belknap

  • Berne, WA

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    A small huddle of frame dwellings once sat at the east portal of the Cascade Tunnel, adjacent to the railroad station. The tunnel, approximately eight miles long and one of the largest projects of its kind in the country, was completed in 1929. Only four or five Alpine railway tunnels are longer than the new Cascade. Although the tunnel is still in use, Berne is no longer a residential community but a maintenance facility center for the railroad. The road to the center and eastern tunnel is private.

  • Bernice, MT

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    "MCRy track layers reached Bernice, five miles west of Basin in June 1888. While never a town, several mines were located on the hillsides above Bernice, and Lake Wilder was only two miles south.  Just across the Boulder River to the north was the former stage station at Calvin's Ranch.  It marked the end of the HBV&B's  [Helena, Boulder Valley and Butte RR] attempt to parallel the MCRy to Butte, its rails reaching there the year before.

    The Montana Central Railway

  • Rodney, Mississippi

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    Rodney was originally settled by the French in January 1763 and named Petit Gouffre,[3] meaning "Little Chasm". As a result of the French and Indian War, the area was taken by Great Britain. Spain would later control this area after taking West Florida from the British in 1781. Spain held the area until selling it to Thomas Calvit in 1798. "In 1802, Judge Wm. B.

  • Trient, Switzerland

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    Hotel Trient, unable to locate.

     Deep in the valley below, dashes the brawling Trient ( which joins the Eau-Noire a little farther on) . Where the forest is quitted , the valley widens , and we reach ( ½ hr. ) the village of Trient (4249 ' ; Hôtel du Glacier de Trient), a little beyond which the present route unites with that from Chamouny over the Col de Balme ( see below) .

    Bædeker Switzerland (1877) Route 54 page 231