• Rufus J. Lackland

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    Edgard Branch, the source for Day By Day, had originally dated Clemens' service on the RUFUS J. LACKLAND as 11 July - 3 August 1857. Further research by Michael Marleau, includes a new interpretation of Clemens' personal journals and indicates the 1859 dates are the most likely dates of service for the RUFUS J. LACKLAND.   July 9 – July 30, 1859

  • July 11, 1857

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    July 11 Saturday – Sam and possibly Bixby transferred to the Rufus L. Lackland (710 tons) and departed St. Louis for New Orleans. Sam’s comments about the Lackland:

  • July 21, 1859

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    July 21 Thursday – J.C. Swon left for St. Louis. A sketch, “Soleather Cultivates His Taste for
    Music,” appeared in the New Orleans Crescent, signed by “Soleather,” attributed by Branch to
    Samuel Clemens [Branch, “A Chronological”; MTL 1: 93n2]. (See July 11, 1857 entry for Sam’s
    comments about the Rufus J. Lackand, and a note on Marleau’s recent research disputing these dates)