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Padua see p . 175 .  To the l. as the train proceeds the Tyrolese Alps are perceived in the distance.  Near stat. Ponte di Brenta the line ciosse , the Brenta ; at stat. Dolo a lofty , slender campanile ; at stat. Maruno an arm of the Brenta is crossed . From stat. Mestre the line by Treviso and Udine to Trieste ( R . 39) diverges to the N . - Venice, with its dark blue line of towers and churches rising from the sea , now gradually comes into view . The various islands with their groups of houses appear to float in the water.  The line passes Fort Malgheru and two large barracks on the l. and reaches the colossal * Bridge, one of the greatest existing structures of the kind (supported by 222 arches, length 2 1/3 M ., breadth 28 ft.), by means of which the train crosses the Lagune ( p . 190 ) in 8 min . and reaches the station at the N . W . extremity of Venice ( R . 38 ).

(Italy. Handbook for Travelers)

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