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Otsego Hotel opened in April 1904 on the previous site of the Hibbard House, which was built in 1865 and razed in 1901 after its manager, Henry Haden, died.

As Jackson began to grow as a railroad mecca in the mid-1860s, hotels began to spring up near the now historic depot the trains arrived to and departed from.

One of them - perhaps the most elegant of its time - was the Hibbard House, a four-story structure built in 1865 by Jackson businessman and stagecoach tycoon Daniel Hibbard at what's now the corner of E. Michigan Ave. and Francis Street.

By the turn of the 20th century, though, the colorful Hibbard House, once the prime location for any big event in Jackson, had lost some of its luster.

In its later years, the Hibbard House was managed by Henry Hayden. Upon his death in 1899, Hayden's heirs, who included the wife of prominent Jackson banker Addison B. Robinson, used money from his estate to buy the property.

They razed the old hotel two years later. And in its strategic place near the city's primary transportation hub, they invested $100,000 to erect what then was hailed as "a strictly modern hotel in every detail."

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