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October – A  notation in Sam’s notebook listed The Bible for Young People, translated by Wicksteed  in six volumes [MTNJ  2: 209]. Evidently  this was a reminder to send these books to Orion upon returning home, as Orion was writing a  biblical refutation. Orion had recently been excommunicated from the First Westminster Presbyterian Church of Keokuk [209n95].

Sam read William Wetmore Story’s  (1819-1895) 2  volume Roba di Roma (1863) and entered in his notebook:

“Roba di Roma. Rome  seems to be a great fair of shams, humbugs & frauds….Read the chapter ‘Christmas’ [actually titled “Holidays”]–& think of this  Bambino rot existing in 19  century” [Gribben 667].

Sam also noted “Benvenuto Cellini  (what an interesting autobiography is his!” referring to The Life of Benvenuto Cellini, adding to “send to  Chatto” for the book, “It will last as long as his beautiful Perseus” [MTNJ  2: 234].

Sam inscribed a copy of Adelbert  Chamisso’s The Shadowless Man; or, The Wonderful  History of Peter Schlemihl: “S.L. Clemens, Venice, Oct. 1878.” (Also signed: “Olivia L. Clemens”)  [Gribben 138].

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