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November – In Sam’s  notebook there’s an entry “Little Pedlington” which refers to John Poole’s   1839 book, Little Pedlington and the Pedlingtonians. Gribben quotes E.  Cobham Brewer, calling this “an imaginary place, the village of quackery and  can’t, egotism and humbug, affectation and flatter” [553].

Sam noted “Turganieff’s Visions”  and “Visions, a Phantasy, by Tourganieff—in the Galaxy”  in his notebook [MTNJ 2: 244, 247].

Sam also wrote the title and  author of Samuel Butler’s Life and Habit (1877), a rebuttal of  Darwin’s Theory [Gribben  120].

Another notebook entry in Munich:  “the old masters never dreamed of women as  beautiful as those of Kaulbach,” referring to Wilhelm von Kaulbach’s  (1805-1874) Female Characters of Goethe (1868) [363].

Sam made a reminder to “Return  ‘Silverland,’” referring to George Alfred Lawrence’s (1827-1876) Silverland, which he may have borrowed, Gribben thinks from Mr.  & Mrs. August Chamberlaine [398].

Day By Day Acknowledgment

Mark Twain Day By Day was originally a print reference, meticulously created by David Fears, who has generously made this work available, via the Center for Mark Twain Studies, as a digital edition.