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May  21 Saturday – John Marshall Clemens purchased a somewhat larger house on the south side of Main Street in Florida, Missouri for $1,050 from Sam’s grandfather, Benjamin Lampton (1770-1837), who had occupied the house and moved to the country [Wecter 46].

Sam  was small and sickly, not expected to live. He was often in bed under the care  of his mother, Jane Clemens, who told stories of Indians chasing her grandmother, also named Jane. His  mother was aided in his care by his older siblings: Orion b.1825, Pamela b.1827, Margaret b.1830, Benjamin b.1832. Another boy child, Pleasant Hannibal (both family names) died at three months,  b.1828 or 1829 [MTL 1: 382].

John  Marshall was involved in the project of making Salt River navigable as well as a plan to build a railroad between the town of Paris, Mo.and the smaller village of Florida. He frequented citizens’ meetings in the region and became well known in Pike, Ralls, and Monroe counties. He also spoke to members of the Legislature at Jefferson City.

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