Mark Twain Day by Day
An Annotated Chronology
Of the Life of Samuel L. Clemens
Volume Two (1886-1896)

David H. Fears
© 2009 David H Fears
All rights reserved.
Printed in the United States of America
First Edition, volume two, first print run
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  • Day by Day Volume II: Additions and Corrections

    Note: Additions and corrections since the first print run in April, 2009. New material and corrections of old material are ongoing. This work is never “finished.” I wish to provide up to date information with each book sold. – D.H. Fears

    Spelling correction throughout: – Katharine I. Harrison, not “Katherine.” (applied in this print run.)

    March to May, 1886 – Sam wrote a sketch unpublished until 2009: “The Snow-Shovelers” [Who Is Mark Twain? xxiv]. See also MTNJ 3: 232&n18, 358&n186, 369&n217.

  • Day By Day Volume II: Conventions Used

    † ­ With this volume the dagger designates this editor’s estimate of date or place. These may ultimately be confirmed or revised by future esearchers, and are solely this editor’s calculation or opinion. There may also be many sections where estimates are made from several sources and the dagger not used.

    ‡ – The double dagger designates in-text corrections made after the first print run; these are also listed in Addenda & Errata sections at the front of each volume after the first print run.

  • Day By Day Volume II: Introductions


    Thanks to my wife, Kimberley for her love and support. Special thanks to Thomas A. Tenney for his continual support, anecdotes, materials, and advice. Special thanks to JoDee Benussi for sharing mountains of paper and extra books, for her continual patience while comparing entries and her exacting editing skills. Ms. Benussi has been a valuable and critical resource to this work. A good, snarky editor is a prize, especially one who nudges you where you don’t wish to go. If she had been paid what she is worth, I would be bankrupt.