• William Morrison

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    November 27 to December 12 Saturday – Sam worked as a night watchman on the freight docks from seven in the evening until seven in the morning. He earned three dollars a night [Neider 100].n

  • October 9, 1857

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    October 9 Friday – Sam, cub pilot, now under Horace Bixby again with co-pilot, possibly Isaiah
    Sellers (1802-1864) on the William M. Morrison (662 tons). On this date the steamboat left St.
    Louis [Schmidt].

  • December 13, 1857

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    December 13 Sunday – Sam was a steersman under Joseph Edward Montgomery (1817-1902) on
    the D.A. January, which left New Orleans on this date. The captain was Patrick Yore. Montgomery
    would later serve as a commodore of the Confederacy’s river fleet, which was destroyed in June 1862
    at Memphis.

  • January 14, 1858

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    January 14 Thursday – Sam may have made the return trip on the New Falls City, an 880 ton side-
    wheeler freshly built that month, with Captain Montgomery. The licensed pilots at this time were
    Chauncy Cable and Zeb Leavenworth. Sam possibly offered his steering services in exchange for
    passage [MTL 1: 75].

  • February 6, 1858

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    February 6 Saturday – The Pennsylvania, now repaired and refitted, left New Orleans with William
    Brown as pilot, George Ealer as co-pilot, John Simpson Klinefelter (1810-1885) as Captain. Sam
    had procured a job for Henry as “mud clerk,” so called because the job required leaping to shore in
    places where there was no pavement or dock. The job did not pay, but was a way to rise in the ranks.
    Henry Clemens was nineteen, and would make six trips with his brother Sam [Powers, MT A Life 84].