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February 3 Monday – The Clemens party arrived in Allahabad: We arrived in the forenoon, and short-handed; for Satan [their servant] got left behind somewhere that morning, and did not overtake us until after nightfall. It seemed very peaceful without him. The world seemed asleep and dreaming. I did not see the native town, I think. I do not remember why....But I saw the English part of the city. It is a town of wide avenues and noble distances, and is comely and alluring, and full of suggestions of comfort and leisure, and of the serenity which a good conscience buttressed by a sufficient bank account gives [FE ch XLIX 465-6]. His servant missing, Sam wired the Station Master in Maikpur (he crossed out G.F. Kellner & Co.). Kindly forward my detained servant by next train. M.T. [MTP]. (Fears)

"City of God" was having a religious fair near the confluence of the Ganges and Jumna rivers.

25° 26' 60" N , 81° 50' 60" E
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