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Gernsbach is a town in the district of Rastatt, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is located on the river Murg, 7 km (4.35 mi) east of Baden-Baden in the Black Forest. Twin towns are Baccarat in France and Pergola, Marche in Italy. The town is the historic centre of the lower Murg Valley and forms a central place of mid-size with Gaggenau. It is located in the Region Mittlerer Oberrhein, one of the twelve spatial planning regions of Baden-Württemberg. Gernsbach is an officially recognised climatic spa with a historic centre. Furthermore, Gernsbach is noted for its paper industry and Paper Centre, a service provider in the field of training, staff qualification and management consultancy for the German and Swiss paper and pulp industry.

From Bædeker's The Rhine from Rotterdam to Constance - 1873: page 199

Gernsbach (692 ft.) (*Stern; *Löwe ; *Krone, or Post; * Wilder Mann; all moderate; *Pfeiffer's pine-cone bath and hotel above the village, at the point where the road to Schloss Eberstein diverges), on the Murg, is a pleasant and thriving little town, chiefly inhabited by timber-merchants, and now frequently resorted to as a summer residence. To Wildbad (p. 237), 18 M. from Gernsbach, a drive of 5 hrs., one-horse carr. 6, two-horse 10 fl. ; diligence daily at 4 p.m., fare 2 fl. 6 kr. To Schönmünzach and Freudenstadt diligence daily. Railway from Gernsbach to Rastatt, p. 193.

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