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May 1, 1878

Station Göttingen (424 ft) (Krone Gebhard's Hôtel near the station) with 14,534 inhab is remarkable for nothing but its university 700 students founded by George II of Hanover in 1737. The Library is very valuable (350,000 vols 5000 MSS). The anatomical (remarkable collection of skulls), natural history, and other collections may be visited by the scientific.

From Göttingen to Arenshausen by a direct line from Cassel, in 35 min, ascending the broad valley of the Leine. Thence to Gotha, Erfurt, and Halle. Beyond station Bovenden is the ruin of Plesse, with beautiful wooded environs. Above station Nörthen rises the imposing ruin of Hardenberg and a modern château, beyond it a slender watch tower on an eminence.

See Bædeker Northern Germany (1886) page 119

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