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Gennesaret, Gennesareth or Ginosar, ("a garden of riches") was a town alloted to the tribe of Naphtali, called "Kinnereth" (Joshua 19:35), sometimes in the plural form "Kinneroth" (Joshua 11:2). In later times the name was gradually changed to Genezareth, Genezar and Gennesaret (Luke 5:1). No trace of the Gennesaret city remains. Flavius Josephus refers to the area as having very rich soil.
This city stood on the northwestern shore of the lake to which it gave its name: Lake of Gennesaret. It was perhaps half way between Capernaum and Magdala.
The name is the Grecized form of "Chinnereth." The equivalent names are the Sea of Galilee or Lake Tiberias. The name is also used for the "Plain of Gennesaret". For beauty and fertility it is called “the Paradise of Galilee.” Its modern name is el-Ghuweir.

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