September 30, 1907 Monday

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September 30 Monday – Isabel Lyon’s journal: Francesca went this morning, the King went down to the station with them, and since his return he has been at work all day with the pen. He has been writing and writing and dropping the little leaves of paper from his small pad, around him on the floor. Most of the work was done with him sitting on the extreme edge of the bed.

September 29, 1907 Sunday

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September 29 Sunday – Isabel Lyon’s journal: A rainy day, and so a stop was put to the plans for entertaining Francesca and her mother. Late in the morning we assembled in the living room and played Hearts. I wonder what dear spirit put Hearts in my head yesterday, for otherwise we had been at a loss. It is hard to entertain brand new people [MTP TS 108-109].

Edward Anthony wrote from Cleveland, Ohio to Sam. “I am a boy collecting cigar bands.” Could Sam send some for his collection? [MTP]. Note: Lyon wrote on the letter, “Answd. Oct. 2, ‘07”

September 27, 1907 Friday

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September 27 Friday – Sam also wrote two letters to J.E. Edmonds, of the Daily State Times of Baton Rouge. A trip down the Mississippi was planned by Theodore Roosevelt, with a suggestion that Mark Twain be the chief pilot. Sam turned down the offer; Edmunds wrote an editorial about it. Sam then wrote these letters, the first a cover letter and the second a blast: “I am often against [President Roosevelt] politically, but this has not affected the friendship existing between us these twenty years.” [MTP].

September 26, 1907 Thursday

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September 26 Thursday – In Tuxedo Park, N.Y. Sam wrote to Dorothy Quick.

Dorothy dear, I hear that you are at school, & that you greatly like it& are very busy—all of which is good to hear, & naturally is a great pleasure & comfort to your mother.

I am back from Jamestown & am glad. Still, we had reasonable weather & a swift voyage & altogether a good time. Miss Lyon & her mother went down on another boat & enjoyed the trip.

September 25, 1907 Wednesday

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September 25 Wednesday – At the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in N.Y.C. Sam wrote to Frances Nunnally.

Dear Francesca: / I have just come ashore from the yacht, & am passing by to take the 12.55 Erie RR train for Tuxedo Park. You & your mother are out—naturally, at this time of day. I would have telephoned in advance, but there wasn’t time.

September 24, 1907 Tuesday

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September 24 Tuesday – Near Norfolk, Va., for the Jamestown Exposition at Sewell’s Point on Hampton Roads, Sam inscribed a portrait drawing of him to Mrs. Hugh Gordon Miller: “To Mrs. Hugh Gordon Miller / With the affectionate & grateful remembrances of / Mark Twain / Jamestown Exposition, / September 24th/07. / (the day after the struggle).” [MTP]. Note: the Exposition was typical of many world fairs and expositions popular in the early part of the 20 Century; it ran from Apr. 26 to Dec.

September 23, 1907 Monday

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September 23 Monday – Norfolk, Va. Sam introduced Rear Admiral Purnell Frederick Harrington (1844-1937) at the Robert Fulton Day ceremonies. The New York Times, Sept. 24 covered the event:



Inventor’s Use of Steam in Navigation Shown in Marine Parade.