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James A. Renwick wrote a one-sentence letter to Sam: “In relation to No. 21 Fifth Ave, which you have leased from me this day for three years from October 1, 1904, at $3,500. per annum, I would say that I hereby agree to put the house in repair, in accordance with our conversation of this morning” [MTP]. Note: Sam referred to this letter and Renwick’s Dec. 7 in his May 31, 1905 to attorney John Larkin. Sam wrote on the env. “Mr. Renwick’s letter promising to put N.Y. house in order.”

Joe Twichell wrote from Castine, Maine to Sam. 

I can’t wonder—and I don’t—that with the light of your life gone out you sit dazed in the dark seeing no meaning or reason in anything, the Universe appearing to you only a confusion of unintelligible phantasmagoria. But it makes my heart ache for you, old fellow. I wish I was with you—why I hardly know— I have anything to say to you; not now; but I would like to be where you are, and have you in sight, and wander about with you, silent or talking, & what not. For I am ignorant of the thoughts you are thinking. I, indeed, believe that behind the riddle there is a hidden and awful wisdom [MTP].

[From On-Line Page 113]

James MacArthur wrote to ask Sam to inscribe two photos of himself, for the wife of Charles Major, one for James and one for the lady [MTP]. Note: see prior entries on both men.

On or after this day at 21 Fifth Ave. in N.Y.C. Isabel V. Lyon replied to the above for Sam to James MacArthur: “Mr. Clemens is very glad to comply with requests that are so complimentary as those are yours & Mrs Major’s” [MTP].

Sebastiano V. Cecchi wrote. “Your most interesting letter of the 17th ultimo [Nov. 17 not extant] came duly to hand, followed by your note of the 20th with Miss Jean’s. It is alright about the servants wages: they were to receive for the four months July to Oct., and I have paid that, and nothing more.” He hoped that all the matters outstanding about the Villa Quarto would be soon settled, and he sent regards to the family [MTP].

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