• October 15, 1900

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    October 15 Monday – The S.S. Minnehaha arrived in New York City with the Clemens family on board [MTHHR 451]. The steamship was slow in getting into the pier at West Houston Street. At 10 p.m. the gangplank was positioned. Sam waited until most of the passengers had disembarked. When he did so he was surrounded by “a few friends” and newspaper men. Paine reports a remark Sam made to them:

    “If I ever get ashore I am going to break both of my legs so I can’t get away again” [MTB 1110].

    From the N.Y. Herald, Oct. 16, p.1:

  • November 1, 1900

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    November 1 Thursday – In the afternoon the Clemens family moved into 14 W. 10th Avenue in N.Y.C.  [Note: subsequent entries have 1410 W. 10th]

    Sam wrote to Frank Bliss.

    “Dear Bliss: Do you remember that large photo by Barnett, London? Were you to send it to Mr. Rogers after engraving it? Did you do it? Above is our new address. We are to move in this afternoon. Make a note of it. Yrs. S.L. Clemens” [MTP]. Note: the new address was 14 W. 10th, N.Y.C. H. Walter Barnett, photographer.

  • December 24, 1900

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    December 24 Monday – Sam’s notebook: “Lake wood? / With Harvey?” [NB 43 TS 32].

    Sam’s note of Christmas wishes (catalogued: written sometime before Dec. 25) to an unidentified person appeared in the N.Y. Tribune on Jan. 25, 1901, p.8 [MTP].

    At 10 a.m. the Clemenses left N.Y.C. for Elmira for Christmas. The trip occupied most of the day. They planned to stay until Dec. 29 [Dec. 22 to Gurlitz; Dec 23 to Whitmore].

  • June 21, 1901

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    June 21 Friday – The Clemens family left N.Y.C. and traveled to Saranac Lake, N.Y. According to his June 19 to Rogers, they left at 7:50 a.m. and arrived about 7 p.m., a day long trip. Their May 10 lease agreement was for June 1 to Oct. 1, 1901, so they had lost three weeks of lease at this point. Insert: “The Lair,” a “cabin” at Adirondack Park later called “Mark Twain Camp.”

  • August 1901

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    August – Budd writes that Sam’s article “The United States of Lyncherdom” first published in Europe and Elsewhere (1923) was “written in August 1901” [Collected 2: 1006]. Note: J. Kaplan and others write that Sam was motivated by the Aug. 19 race riot and lynching of three Negro men in Pierce City, Mo. Some 300 blacks were chased into the woods during the riot [364]. This suggests that Sam wrote the piece after Aug. 19, but the Century Co. sent at least one packet of newspaper clippings on lynchings, lynch mobs, and courageous sherrif on June 19.

  • August 1, 1901

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    August 1 Thursday – Sam left the family at Lake Saranac, N.Y. and traveled to N.Y.C. arriving late in the evening [July 31 to Rogers]. He took rooms on the first floor of the Grosvenor Hotel, and complained that “the bed was hard as Maryborough” [Aug. 2 to Livy].

    Check #  Payee                           Amount  [Notes]

    292         George VW Durquee  250.00     Saranac Cabin rent


  • August 3, 1901

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    August 3 Saturday – H.H. Rogers’ yacht Kanawha returned to N.Y.C. at 10 a.m. Sam went ashore to shop. At noon he wrote Livy aboard the yacht, just before they sailed.

  • August 4, 1901

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    August 4 Sunday – Sam’s ship log:

    August 4, Sunday. Reached Fairhaven in the forenoon. Took on board Rev. Dr. Collyer & Rev. Minot Savage.  The ship has been searched [for the umbrella], but without result. Rain. Laying of the corner-stone of the Memorial Church post-poned a day, in consequence [MTP].

  • August 5, 1901

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    August 5 Monday – The Kanawha stopped in Fairhaven, Mass. There, they attended the laying of a cornerstone for the Unitarian Memorial Church, which Rogers was donating in memory of his mother. Sam gave a speech honoring H.H. Rogers. The Hartford Courant covered the ceremonies on Aug. 8, p. 10.


    It Was at a Religious Ceremony in Massachusetts.

    (New Bedford Standard, Tuesday.)

  • August 6, 1901

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    August 6, Tuesday. Sailed early; delivered the clergy [Rev.s Collyer and Savage] at Gloucester. This was in order to make room & a right atmosphere for ex-Speaker Thomas B. Reed & his morals. He brought no other baggage. The permanent garrison was now complete—to-wit: Rogers / Reed / Payne / Rice / Harry / Clemens.

  • August 7, 1901

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    August 7 Wednesday – Sam’s ship log:

    Went to Bar Harbor [Maine], & cast anchor. Drove about the region, acquiring information by pumping it out of the driver. The pump was manned by Col. Payne, spelled by Messrs. Rogers & Reed, subordinates.



    Reflections upon the perils of property when it goes down to the sea in ships & encounters certain of the wonders of the deep.

  • August 8, 1901

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    August 8 Thursday – At Bar Harbor, Maine at 2:30 p.m. on the Kanawha Sam wrote to Livy.

    Livy dearest, the anchor is just down, & we shall go ashore presently. I shall telegraph you where to telegraph me—Halifax, probably. We still cannot make an itinerary. We shall leave word here (as we did in Portland) to hold letters & telegrams till we know of some sure point to send them to.”

  • August 19, 1901

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    August 19 Monday – The estimated date of the Kanawha’s arrival in N.Y.C. Sam’s Aug. 16 to Livy expressed hope that he would find a letter from her at the Grosvenor Hotel. He spent one night there and took a delayed trip back to Saranac Lake the next day, Aug. 20.

  • August 20, 1901

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    August 20 Tuesday – Sam left N.Y.C. in the a.m. for his return to the family at Saranac Lake, N.Y. His Aug. 23 to Rogers shows the trip took him 17 hours, arriving at 1 a.m. on Aug. 21, and that he spent “a couple of days in bed” with a cold, or, Aug. 21 and 22. On the 27th he wrote Miss O’Reilly that he’d “been Ill since my return until now.”


  • September 19, 1901

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    September 19 Thursday – In the morning before leaving Saranac Lake, N.Y. Sam wrote a goodbye note to Mr. and Mrs. George V. Duryee, the real estate agent who leased their house over the lake: “Hail and Farewell! / It has been Paradise to us all Summer” [MTP].

    Probably this day or Sept. 18 Sam wrote a quick note to H.H. Rogers.

  • September 26, 1901

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    September 26 Thursday – The Clemens family left Elmira and returned to New York, where, at the Grosvenor Hotel, N.Y. at midnight, Sam wrote a postcard to H.H. Rogers.

    Langdon hopes to be able to come.  Yesterday evening I wrote & invited Twichell. / SLC / I’m coming” [MTHHR 474].

    Note: Sam and H.H. Rogers were planning to witness the third of three races in the America’s Cup Sept. 28 to Oct. 4. from Kanawha. See Joe’s answer, Sept. 27 entry.

  • October 1, 1901

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    October 1 Tuesday – The Clemenses took possession of the Appleton house at Riverdale-on-the-Hudson. Sam wrote sometime after to an unidentified man, heading the letter with this address [MTP].

    Sometime between this day and Feb. 22, 1902 Sam also wrote to Frederick A. Duneka [MTP].

    Sam also wrote to Charles H. Taylor of the Boston Globe, acknowledging the $100 check and thanking for Taylor’s compliment [MTP].


  • October 21, 1901

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    October 21 Monday – Sam’s notebook: “Professor Farnam. / Yale Leave 4.pm. Rev. Anson Phelps Stokes’s Mother. [inserted above:] Sec’y of Yale / 88 Trumbull St.” [NB 44 TS 15]. Note: Henry W. Farnam (1853-1933), professor of economics at Yale.

  • January 1, 1902

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    January – Sam inscribed a copy of Songs of Nature (1901) by John Burroughs (1837-1921): “S.L. Clemens, Riverdale, Jan. 1902” [Gribben 117]. Note: Burroughs was a naturalist and essayist important to the movement of conservation in the U.S. His books were enormously popular in his day. He was voted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1905.

  • January 20, 1902

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    January 20 Monday – The Clemenses left Riverdale, N.Y. and traveled by train to Elmira, where they were met with sleighs by Charles J. and Ida Langdon; and then on to Quarry Farm outside of town. There, Sam began a letter to daughter Clara that Livy added to on Jan. 21.

  • March 13, 1902

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    March 13 Thursday – Sam’s notebook: “Home. Noon. Leaving for the South. Shall consult Tom Reed & see if an action can be brought against Hearst [for the NY Journal abuses]. Left Jersey City 2.10 / Basket fruit from Mrs. Broughton & violets from Harry’s wife” [NB 45 TS 5]. Note: the Kanawha likely stopped at Jersey City to pick up Laurence Hutton. The party consisted of Laurence Hutton, H.H. Rogers, Clemens, Clarence C. Rice, Colonel Augustus G. Paine, Thomas B.

  • April 9, 1902

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    April 9 Wednesday – The Kanawha sailed at 9 a.m.from Old Point Comfort, Va. to N.Y.C. Sam’s notebook: It arrived at 5 p.m. “a brisk run of 165 miles. Caught 5.45 train for home. Telegram sent at 8 yesterday took all day. / Mrs. Bunce at home” [NB 45 TS 9].

  • May 27, 1902

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    May 27 Tuesday – Sam left N.Y.C. on the N.Y. Central RR at 9:20 p.m. headed for St. Louis [May 23 to

    James R. Clemens]. Note: according to his June 10 to James, it was a 30 hour trip from N.Y.C. to St. Louis, putting him in St. Louis at about 7:30 the morning of May 29. His NB entry gives 9.45 p.m. as departure time, with fare of $24.25 and a room $22; paid $46.25 [NB 45 TS 14].

    Livy’s diary: “Sue [Crane] came in the evening: Mr Clemens went to Columbia, Missouri to receive a degree