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Title: Roughing It Author: Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
Release Date: August 18, 2006 [EBook #3177]
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Robert Louis Stevenson, in a letter to Mark Twain (April 1888) wrote of his father's reaction to the English edition of Roughing It, Innocents at Home:

Another anecdote, my father (who died last year) was a man who rarely looked at a new book: Guy Mannering was his great stand by and some latin theologians; the rest was all science. One night however, he had some painful complaint, could not sleep, and fell upon my copy of the Innocents at Home, Next morning, he told me he had to put it aside. “I was frightened,” he said, “I was positively frightened; it cannot be good safe, for a man of my time of life to laugh so much.” What finished him was the cards, whiskey and tobacco business.

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