• Life in Buffalo

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    Mark Twain is in Buffalo and feels he will no longer need to take to the platform.

     To James Redpath
    10 May 1870 • Elmira, N.Y.
    Friend Redpath,—

    I guess I am out of the field permanently. I am sending off these circulars to all lecture applicants now. If you want some more of them I can send them to you—for they are very convenient for you to mail to people save penmanship.

  • November 1869

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    November   – Sometime during the month (probably in the first half), G.M. Baker of Boston made a formal group  photograph of Sam, Josh Billings (Henry Wheeler Shaw 1818-1885) and  Petroleum V. Nasby (David Ross Locke 1833-1888) [MTP].

    November  1 1869 to January 21, 1870 Lecture Tour: At least 49  engagements under the management of James Redpath (All  but Brookville and Johnstown are listed courtesy of Barbara Schmidt’s TwainQuotes website, designated as [Schmidt].)

    Sometime  during this period Clemens wrote to an unidentified man, his photo  enclosed:

  • November 1, 1869 Monday

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    November  1 Monday – Sam  gave his “Savages lecture in Pittsburgh,  Pa., Academy of Music [MTPO].

    Elisha  Bliss wrote: “We want to pay up.  Shall we forward statement & check to you at Elmira or await
    your arrival  here?…Can’t you send us list of engagements so far made. … Are you married? We  hear of it
    so often & have contradicted it…Post us up!” [MTP].

    James  Redpath wrote a one liner: “we  have nothing between second and eighth” [MTP].

  • November 3, 1869 Wednesday

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    November 3 Wednesday – Sam lectured in Johnstown,  Pennsylvania [MTL 3: 385].

    Note: It is possible that Sam did  not speak in Brookville or Johnstown – more newspaper evidence  might
    confirm. Letters Sam wrote Livy between Nov. 6 and 9 (Livy’s numbers 129-132) are  lost [MTL 3:  391n4].