• 1869

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    Midwest Lecture Tour – Visits to Elmira & Hartford – Sam & Livy Engaged
    Sam Met William Dean Howells – Innocents Abroad a Great Success
    Buffalo Newspaper Purchased with Jervis Langdon’s help – Grueling Lecture Schedule

    1869 – Sometime during the year Clemens took out a $10,000 life insurance policy with Continental
    Life Ins. Co of Hartford [MTP]. Note: see June 16, 1877.

  • November  1 1869 to January 21, 1870

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    November  1 1869 to January 21, 1870 Lecture Tour: At least 49  engagements under the management of James Redpath (All  but Brookville and Johnstown are listed courtesy of Barbara Schmidt’s TwainQuotes website, designated as [Schmidt].)

    Sometime  during this period Clemens wrote to an unidentified man, his photo  enclosed:

    “All  right—will smoke with you, if Redpath can arrange a night that will suit all  around. Confound that ferry!” [MTPO: Sales catalog, Thomas R. Madigan, 1935,  item 67].

  • November 1869

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    November   – Sometime during the month (probably in the first half), G.M. Baker of Boston made a formal group  photograph of Sam, Josh Billings (Henry Wheeler Shaw 1818-1885) and  Petroleum V. Nasby (David Ross Locke 1833-1888) [MTP].

  • November 1, 1869 Monday

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    November  1 Monday – Sam  gave his “Savages lecture in Pittsburgh,  Pa., Academy of Music [MTPO].

    Elisha  Bliss wrote: “We want to pay up.  Shall we forward statement & check to you at Elmira or await
    your arrival  here?…Can’t you send us list of engagements so far made. … Are you married? We  hear of it
    so often & have contradicted it…Post us up!” [MTP].

    James  Redpath wrote a one liner: “we  have nothing between second and eighth” [MTP].

  • November 3, 1869 Wednesday

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    November 3 Wednesday – Sam lectured in Johnstown,  Pennsylvania [MTL 3: 385].

    Note: It is possible that Sam did  not speak in Brookville or Johnstown – more newspaper evidence  might
    confirm. Letters Sam wrote Livy between Nov. 6 and 9 (Livy’s numbers 129-132) are  lost [MTL 3:  391n4].

  • November 7 to 13, 1869 Saturday

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    November 7 to 13 Saturday – sometime during this week Horatio G. Smith of Boston photographed Clemens with Josh Billings (Henry Wheeler Shaw) and Petroleum V. Nasby (David Ross Locke) and titled the photo “American Humorists” [MTL 3: 406, 408n10]. The “V” for “Vesuvius.”

  • November 9, 1869 Tuesday

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    November 9 Tuesday – Sam lectured in Harrington’s Opera House, Providence, Rhode Island. Sam spoke to 1,800 there and later wrote: “Gave good satisfaction.” He wrote from Boston to his sister Pamela:

  • November 10, 1869 Wednesday

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    November 10 Wednesday – Sam lectured to a full house of 2,600 in Music Hall, Boston, Mass. – Sam’s letter of Nov. 9 to his sister was no exaggeration—the Boston lecture was critical to Sam’s continued success on the lecture circuit. Boston was the literary capital of the country, and success there meant easy sledding elsewhere in New England. Sam wrote from Boston to Livy his plans to spend New Year’s Day at home.  

  • November 11, 1869 Thursday 

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    November 11 Thursday – Sam lectured at Trinity Church, Charlestown, Mass. [MTPO].

    Sam wrote from Boston at midnight:

    “…bought full wedding outfit to-day (haven’t got a cent left) & occasionally the packages will arrive by express directed simply to J. Langdon, Elmira. Now your mother must unpack them & put them away for me & be sure not to let Mr. Langdon go wearing them around. I tell you, they are starchy.”

  • November 1869, mid

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    November, mid  Sam, visited unannounced the offices of The Atlantic Monthly at 124 Tremont Street in Boston to thank the unsigned reviewer of Innocents Abroad for a very positive review. This is the famous first meeting between William Dean Howells (who wrote the review) and Sam Clemens. Sam first saw James T. Fields, who had hired Howells.

  • November 15, 1869 Monday 

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    November 15 Monday  Sam lectured at Clinton Hall, Clinton, Mass.[MTPO].

    He began a letter from to Livy that he finished on Nov. 16.

    Livy Darling — / I had to submit to the customary & exasperating drive around town in a freezing open buggy this morning [at Norwich] to see the wonders of the village

  • November 23, 1869 Tuesday 

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    November 23 Tuesday  Sam lectured (“Savages”) in Allyn Hall, Hartford, Conn. The Hartford Courant (Nov. 25, p2) review summarized both traditional the traditional lecture audience “class” and expectations, and Sam’s unique “conversational” approach which mixed both serious and comedic: