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In the spring of 1869, Mark Twain became associated with the Boston Lyceum Bureau, recently established by James Redpath.  He promised Redpath ten nights in the state of New York, "provided the towns were close together, but for the most part intended to accept engagements only in the six New England states."   In August, after purchasing a partnership in the Buffalo, New York Express, he attempted to cancel all engagements.  Redpath refused.  Finally, the tour "ranged up and down the coast from Maine to Washington D.C. and throughout New York State and eastern Pennsylvania.  And since Redpath had managed to book many of the lectures with Boston as a hub, Mark Twain was able to maintain his room at Young's Hotel and return there almost nightly to be with friends and spend pleasant hours visiting in Redpath's bureau.  What pleased him no less was the fact that the tour included nearly all the large cities in the entire area."  (Lorch pp 99,  103, 105).

November 1 - January 21, 1870 Lecture Tour: At least 49 engagements - "Our Fellow Savages of the Sandwich Islands"   Under the management of James Redpath, the following cities were on the tour:

Twain departed Elmira October 29 and arrived in Pittsburgh October 30..  He would have taken the Wlliamsport and Elmira to Williamsport; the Philadelphia and Erie to Linden; a no-name line to Lockhaven;  another no-name line to Milesburg;  then to the Bald Eagle junction; the Lockhaven and Tyrone to Tyrone;  the Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh.

November 1 - Academy of Music, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

From Boston to Providence:  the Boston and Providence Railroad.

November 9 - Harrington's Opera House, Providence, Rhode Island

November 10 - Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts

November 11 - Trinity Church, Charlestown, Massachusetts

Traveling from Thompsonville to Brooklyn:  New Haven, Hartford and SpringfieldNew York & New HavenLong Island.

December 1 - Brooklyn Library Society, Brooklyn, New York

This part of the Fellow Savages tour began with the trip from Washington D.C.

December 27, Sam left New Haven on a coastal steamer for New York City.

December 28 Tuesday  Sam wrote from New York to Joseph Twichell s

The railroads between these two cities were the New Jersey Railroad and the Camden and Amboy Line.

December 28 - Taylor Hall, Trenton, New Jersey

January 1 to 5 Wednesday  Sam spent these days with Livy in Elmira [MTL 4: 3].

From Horseheads to Owego the train would be the New York and Erie.  

January 4 - Wilson Hall, Oswego, New York

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