• September 17, 1883 Monday

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    September 17 Monday – Sam wrote from Hartford to Return I. Holcombe.

    “I know of only one steel portrait. It is owned by the American Publishing Co….I enclose the only good photograph I can find” [MTP].

    In Boston, Howells wrote to Sam offering critical advice of “1002d Arabian Night” that it was second-rate, “and all the way it skirts a certain kind of fun which you can’t afford to indulge in” [MTHL 1: 442].

  • September 18, 1883 Tuesday

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    September 18 Tuesday – Edward Greey (1835-1888) wrote from NYC, appreciative that his “daughter received Sam’s amusing note, which she has placed among her treasures.” Greey sent a bottle of sake and some wine [MTP]. Note: Sam wrote on the env., “Author of a lot of Japanese books”; Also a dealer in Japanese art, and an unusual author who ended things with a bullet.

    W. D. Howells wrote:

  • September 19, 1883 Wednesday

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    September 19 Wednesday – Sam wrote from Hartford to the Mallory brothers, George S. and Marshall H. Mallory.

    “You have a contract with Mr. Will Gillette; & I am aware that you are trying (as usual with you) to sneak out of the performance of its conditions. I am personally interested in the mattertherefore I suggest to you couple of piety-mouthing, hypocritical thieves & liars that you change your customary policy this time” [MTP].

  • September 20, 1883 Thursday

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    September 20 Thursday – Sam wrote from Hartford to Howells, inviting the Howellses to visit: “Right away—to-morrow, next day, any day you please” [MTHL 1: 443].

    Edward Greey wrote another short note about Miss Barbara (daughter?) being concerned about his last letter to Clemens [MTP].

  • September 22, 1883 Saturday 

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    September 22 Saturday – Sam wrote two letters from Hartford to Charles Webster. One was about the game under development, and a table (secretary) Charles had helped Livy buy that had not arrived, and an order for 300 envelopes with “return to SLC.” Samuel Webster writes that Livy and Charles shared a love of antiques and enjoyed shopping in New York antique shops and auctions [MTBus 221].

  • September 28, 1883 Friday

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    September 28 Friday – Sam wrote from Hartford to Orion. Sam had hired his brother to supply lists of dates for English kings for the memory board game.

    My Dear Bro – Kings rec’d. Quite satisfactory. Send balance soon as you can.

    O, yes!—go right along with the former labor the minute you get the skeletons done—but don’t print till I say.

    The news from Ma is first rate. All well here & send love. Sam [MTP].

  • September 29, 1883 Saturday

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    September 29 Saturday – Sam wrote from Hartford to Charles Webster, directing him to “get that play out of your safe—‘Colonel Sellers as a Scientist’—& express it to me” [MTHL 1: 444]. Sam was now ready to respond to the Mallory brothers’ interest in the play.

  • September 30, 1883 Sunday

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    September 30 Sunday – In Boston, ready to travel to Virginia to see his father, W.D. Howells wrote a short note to Sam, advising he wouldn’t be able to stop in Hartford on the way down, but hoped to stop on the way home [MTHL 1: 443].

  • October 1883

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    October – “American Literary Portraits / Mark Twain” ran in the Oct. issue of The Ideal Monthly Magazine, p.8-10. Not everyone was enamored of Sam:

    “To him there is nothing sacred….At times he is so coarse he is not fit for polite society…has nothing, absolutely nothing, to redeem his coarseness, his irreverence, his want of refinement” [Tenney, MTJ, Spring 2004 p4].

  • October 1, 1883 Monday

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    October 1 Monday – Sam wrote from Hartford to Edward House. He complained that Twichell’s publication of his letter:

    “…broke up some quite extensive plans of mine, & squandered & rendered useless the material out of which I had meant to build an illustrated small book—but that was the smallest part of the plan which he ruined” [MTHL 1: 440n4].

  • October 6, 1883 Saturday

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    October 6 Saturday – Sam wrote from Hartford to Charles Webster, reminding him to send the $80 secretary for Livy’s coming birthday [MTBus 222].

    Sam wrote and signed a check to Fox & Co. for $121.47 [Heritage Bookshop Catalogue 130, p. 90 item 458].

    Worden & Co. Wrote receipt of Sam’s $2,350 of Oct. 5 to the margin call [MTP].

  • October 8, 1883 Monday

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    October 8 Monday – Sam wrote from Hartford to the Miller & Bingham & Elder Manufacturing Co.

    “I will explain that the shirt I wear is not a patented article, but I invented it myself, for the public benefit of lazy men. It & its collar open in the back, & the collar & the cuffs are not detachable. No buttons anywhere about it except a couple at the back of the neck. This saves much profanity” [MTP].

  • October 10, 1883 Wednesday 

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    October 10 Wednesday – Sam wrote from Hartford to Charles Webster. Sam had received and approved of game details Webster suggested. Sam wrote to go ahead and have the game put in type. Orion’s follow through upset Sam.

    “—and mind, don’t send me first-proof; & don’t send me first revise, either. Send me the second-revise….Save me what profanity you can. Orion’s MS is infernal….Make a new board, Charley, with all improvements to date, & send it to me” [MTBus 222].

  • October 12, 1883 Friday

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    October 12 Friday – In Boston, William Dean Howells wrote a short note to Sam, advising,

    “As soon as I mentioned our plan for a play, Mrs. Howells nobly declared that she would do anything for money, and that I might go to you when I liked” [MTHL 1: 444].

  • October 13, 1883 Saturday

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    October 13 Saturday – Sam wrote from Hartford to Charles Webster. He wrote more on the progress of the history board game, and advised that “Livy’s little table which you & she bought has not arrived yet, & is a week overdue.” He also wanted more envelopes with “return to SLC” printed on them [MTP].

  • October 15, 1883 Monday

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    October 15 Monday – Sam wrote from Hartford to Charles Webster. Orion’s “skeletons” for the board game had arrived, though he’d been sick. He sent them on to Webster. Sam noted a check received from American Publishing Co. and that they’d “sold as many old books in the last 3 months as Osgood has new ones.” Also, the secretary for Livy had arrived [MTBus 223].

  • October 16, 1883 Tuesday ca.

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    October 16 Tuesday ca. – Sam typed a letter in Hartford to Howells: