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October 21 Monday – Livy wrote from Florence to her mother:
Florence is much more restful than Venice, because we have no social demands—and one ought to know no one when they are visiting picture galleries—The Chamberlains are a perfect delight, they never tax us in the least they are helpful to us and are bright beyond expression.
Mr. & Mrs. Augustus P. Chamberlaine were friends of Ralph Waldo Emerson. The Clemens met them in Venice.

October 23 Wednesday – Sam’s notebook:
In Santa Croce to-day a well dressed young woman followed us, begging for centimes. An old frowsy woman watched where I laid my cigar, then approached us with it as Chamberlain & I came out & said she rescued it from some boys (who had found it in the dark!) & wantd 5 cents for her trouble. She followed us into the street & finally cursed us & called down sudden death upon us.

October 27 Sunday – Sam’s notebook:
Uffizzi Gallery, Sunday (free day,) What a shamed look people have who go along with a guide—they nod annoyedly at every statement he makes, & they scarcely look at the object he points at; often not at all; neither look they to one side or the other, or at anybody; they seem to have but one desire: to get through with this painful trial & go free again.

October 28 Monday – The Clemens family left Florence for Rome.

Hotels (oomp. p. xx). — On the Lungarno, best situation: *Grand Hotel New York, Piazza Ponte alia Carraia 1,  these two frequented by English and American travellers;