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November 17, 1868 - March 3, 1869   Eastern Lecture Tour: at least 43 engagements - "The American Vandal Abroad"  Partially managed by G. L. Torbert and by Clemens himself,. Twain began the tour in Cleveland. He worked on this first lecture with Mary Fairbanks before starting out as much was riding on his success as a lecturer in the East.

November 17 - 23, 1868:  Cleveland, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Elmira, New York.  Twain traveled on six or more railroads.  To and from Cleveland and Pittsburgh he rode the Cleveland and Pittsburgh for 118 miles each way and the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago 26 miles each way.  The Cleveland and Pittsburgh line had five junctions along this section at Hudson, Alliance, Bayard, Wellsville and Beaver.  The Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago line junctioned with the Allegheny Valley, the Pennsylvania and a no name railroad at Pittsburgh that would become part of the Pittsburgh Di

"The engagements in December numbered only about eight and were geographically spotty, ..."   The first leg Twain traveled was to Rondout aboard the Hudson River railroad - 85 miles.  The train would pass two unnamed junctions.  At Beacon, a line that would become the Newburg, Dutchess and Connecticut, and at Kingston/Rondout, the Ulster and Delaware.

December 2 - 31, 1868:  Rondout, New York; Newark, New Jersey; Norwich, New York; Scranton, Pennsylvania; Fort Plain, New York; Detroit, Michigan; Lansing, Michigan;  Tecumseh, Michigan; Akron, Ohio; 

"In January, however,  business flourished.  News of his successful performances was circulating widely.  That month there were twenty bookings which took him on an itinerary that criss-crossed Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio."  (Lorch, pg 94-95)

"The long journeys in poorly lighted, porrly ventilated, and poorly heated coaches, together with frequent poor rail connections and hotel accomodations exhausted him.  By January 14 he acknowledged to his sister Pamela that the pace of the lecture circuit was a hard one and that he wsas 'getting awfully tired of it.'  It constitutes the first record of Mark Twain's disenchantment with tour lecturing,..."  (Lorch pg 95)

"During February the engagements grew spotty again, though they took him erratically through Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York."  (Lorch pg 96).

Twain departed Cleveland for Elmira February 2 and arrived on the 4th.  He departed Elmira on the 12th, arriving in Cleveland on the 13th.

February 12 - 18, 1869:  Ravenna, Ohio; Alliance, Ohio; Titusville, Pennsylvania; Franklin, Pennsylvania

"But the time between some of the engagements was not wasted, for whenever the opportunity offered he hurried to Elmira to be with Livy and to read proof on Innocents Abroad.  The tour finally came to an end on March 3 in Lockport, New York, after which he hurried off to a longer visit at Elmira before proceeding to Hartford...."  (Lorch pg 96)  

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