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July 6 - July 29, 1868:  Return to New York.  Departed San Francisco aboard the Montana.  July 11 at 12:30 am, Cabo San Lucas.  Twain arrived in New York July 29, 1868.
Cabo San Lucas - July 11
Acapulco - July 13
Panama City - July 20:  Met with Ned Wakeman
Aspinall - Boarded the Henry Chauncey
Arrived in New York July 29 and checked into the Westminster Hotel.  Mark Twain would never again return to California or Nevada.
August 4: Hartford

From Lorch: "...Hartford, Connecticut, to talk with Elisha Bliss about his forthcoming book, Innocents Abroad.  There was still work to do on the manuscript, and since Bliss hoped to bring the book out in December, he remained in Hartford to finish it. ...But his primary concerns during the weeks that followed were the courtship of Olivia Langdon of Elmira, New York, and the growing necessity of replenishing his rapidly diminishing funds." (pg.87)

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