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August 15 Sunday – Sam officially became a writing editor of the Express, offering sketches and editorials. This began a period of eighteen months in Buffalo that marked a transition from sometime journalist to celebrated author. (DBD)

Sam’s article, “The Danger of Lying in Bed,” which also appeared in the Feb. 1871 issue of the Galaxy, was printed in the Buffalo Express [McCullough 281]. This was the last known article Sam published in the Buffalo Express. (DBD)

Buffalo Courier Express 22 Jan 1870, Sat · Page 2



One of California's curiosities the people in the States will some day become familiar with through the Pacific Railroad, I mean the Chinamen. California contains 70,000 of them, and every ship brings more There is a Chinese quarter in every city and village in California and Nevada, for Boards of Aldermen will not allow them to live all around town just wherever they to locate. ‘This is not a hardship, for they prefer to herd together.