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November 29, 1905 Tuesday – On or about this day Sam moved into his new home at 21 Fifth Avenue in N.Y.C. and daughter Jean arrived as well.

May 5, 1905  Friday – Sam left NYC with H.H. Rogers on the yacht Kanawha for Fairhaven, Mass. [Lyon’s journal #2 TS 17; Lyon’s journal May 7]. Note: Due to learning of Clara’s impending appendectomy, Sam may have stayed in NYC. Lyon wrote that he was in Fairhaven. If he did not go with Rogers, it is then evident that Lyon did not know this. 

May 18, 1905:  Isabel Lyon’s journal # 2: “Today Mr. Clemens arrived. Jean & Patrick rode over to Harrisville to meet him. The orchestrelle came too” [MTP TS 19].  Twain had spent the previous day in Boston.

(Day By Day)

October 21, 1905:  Sam departs Dublin for Boston, by November 7th, he was back home in New York City.

January 25 - 30, 1906 - Washington D.C.

The Clemens household, sans Clara, moved to Dublin May 5.  Sam may or may not have gone to Fairhaven with Rogers.  He arrived in Dublin May 18 from Boston via Harrisville.

“The nearest railway station is distant something like an hour’s drive; it is three hours from there to Boston, over a branch line. You can go to New York in six hours per branch line if you change every time you think of it, but it is better to go to Boston and stop over and take the trunk line next day; then you do not get lost.

Sam wrote to Frederick A. Duneka of Harper’s:

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