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The Morton House, a multi-storied hotel at the corner of Monroe and Ionia, has shops at street level, all with their awnings unfurled. At the corner the awning of White & White Druggists advertises that they are open all night, sell surgical instruments as well as soda water and Key West imported cigars. A large blackboard on the side of the building possibly lists items for sale. Horses and carriages line Ionia Ave. Most of the hotel's windows have individual awnings, and the top floor shows three wrought iron balconies with awnings over them. A street light of the arc variety hangs over the intersection just above the head of the first horse and carriage and to the right of the White & White awning. The iron poles on the corners a part of the lighting system also. A fire hydrant is just in front of the first horse, and right on the corner is a mail box. Several streetcar tracks run on Monroe, and several telephone poles are visible on both Monroe and Ionia. A bicycle is parked at the curb in front the the druggist, and several pedestrians, some with umbrellas providing shade from the sun, are on the sidewalk.

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